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Radio Taxis Fareham Ltd

About Radio Taxis (Fareham) Ltd

Radio Taxis (Fareham) Ltd was originally formed by a father and son partnership in the 1980’s. The fledgling company grew rapidly and within a few years was sold to a group of owner drivers who worked for the company.

It was decided that the company would operate on a mutual basis, any profits made would be invested in premises and equipment. In this respect, our operation is very similar to how a co-operative works in that it is run for the benefit of the members, in our case the 40 Shareholders.

The company has expanded over the intervening 27+yrs and now also has 40 Associate Members. The Shareholders elect a five man board of directors who run the company on their behalf.

Our office in Fareham takes around 6,000 telephone calls every week which resulted in over 300,000 completed jobs in 2016. We have continued to invest in the latest technology ever since the company was formed including a new telephone system installed a couple of years ago. We have signed an agreement with Autocab International and upgraded to their latest Ghost booking and dispatch system, this also provides a text/ring-back facility for the benefit of our customers. All our cars are fitted with the latest GPS Minos Data terminal.

We have also installed Freephones in selected venues within the borough. These are currently at Fareham Asda, Fareham Lidl, Fareham Aldi, Tesco at Fareham & Whiteley, Solent Hotel, Holiday Inn, Warsash Maritime Academy and Fareham Shopping Centre.

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